The benefits of membership in ASHE are designed and delivered for you to grow as a professional in the transportation industry. Why Join ASHE?

Renewing your ASHE membership is easy!

The 2018 – 2019 annual membership renewal notices were sent out via email with a link to this page.

Renewal dues are payable upon receipt and are considered late if payment is not received by August 10th, 2018.

Dues not paid by August 10th, 2018 will result in the cancellation of section membership.  

Reinstating a lapse membership requires a $45 reactivation fee and new membership application. Avoid the hassle and pay your dues promptly.  We are using Eventbrite to facilitate online dues renewal for the ASHE Central Ohio Section.  To renew your membership online, you can use a credit card by going to our EventBrite Membership Payment page:

ASHE 2018-2019 Membership Payment Center

If you prefer to mail your payment, please make your $35.00 check payable to ASHE Central Ohio Section and mail to:

Attn: Jordan Gort, Membership Director
Strand Associates, Inc.
4433 Professional Parkway
Columbus, Ohio 43125

If your contact information or correspondence preferences have changed, please email changes to

Questions?  If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact Jordan Gort at


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